Stormy Situations – Wild is Plus #6

Continuing our GM-less fantasy campaign – We discover what caused Ludyn’s delay out of Drachen Falls and a simple storm arrives on the horizon that causes more than one complication for our heroes.

Our Trello board for the game!
This is how we keep things organized right now and it might be a good reference for your own RPG!
Wild is Plus! – Trello Plot Board

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Fate Accelerated from Evil Hat
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Intro and Outro Music – Nomadic Sunset by Alexander Nakarada
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Patreon Bonus Episode #1 Behind the Scenes

Over on the Patreon we’ve just released the first bit of bonus content! If you’d like to help out the podcast you can join at the $4 level. When you do you’ll receive access to this episode as well as all future bonus episodes.

In this first release, Dr Hipp and I sit down and discuss what went on behind the scenes for Wild is Plus and decisions made as we got the game ready for production.  We talk character decisions, game mechanics and experiences we had with some solo playtests before we kicked it all off “for real.”

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