Announcement Time

Hello to all of you wonderful subscribers and supporters of this blog and podcast. It’s been awhile. This is a small post with a simple message.

If you’ve caught some of my Twitter and Instagram posts, there have been stirrings and bits of movement in the darkness of the recording studio, reports of the faint sounds of dice rolling, distant laughter, and a shadowy voice you can barely hear whispering, “Check one, Check two. Check. Check”

Yes, as you may have guessed, the podcast will be back very soon! There are numerous changes inbound and I’ve spent much of the past few months working with those changes and putting something brand new together for the show. I did make the mistake of not mentioning more things here and using this as a vehicle for updates and information. Rest assured that, as we move forward, that mistake is corrected.

As to the long break? Well, that will be addressed in time. In the long run, I think the downtime has served it’s purpose, like how cold and winter is important after planting bulbs. It produces some pretty colorful results in the end and I’m hoping that you enjoy what has been planted.

More to come next week and the weeks to come. I can’t wait to share the new show with you!

Keep Shining!

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